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September 2014
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Upcoming events:
  • World Bamboo Day
    (Sep 18)
  • Poland: Drema
    (Sep 16 until Sep 19)
  • Gemany: GaLaBau
    (Sep 17 until Sep 20)
  • Germany: Holzbau-Ausstellertage
    (Sep 20 until Sep 21)
  • Belgium: Forest Days
    (Sep 20 until Sep 21)
  • France: Habitat et Bois
    (Sep 18 until Sep 22)
  • Kuwait: The Big 5
    (Sep 22 until Sep 24)
  • South Korea: Biomass Pellets
    (Sep 22 until Sep 25)

A nation that destroys its soils destroys itself. Forests are the lungs of our land, purifying the air and giving fresh strength to our people
Franklin D. Roosevelt -

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2014-09-17 GaLaBau 2014: Gruene Leitmesse setzt neue Bestmarken (.de)
2014-09-16 Holzbaubranche setzt Impulse (.ch)
2014-09-16 International Forest Industries
2014-09-16 The Global Forest Industry in the 2Q/2014
2014-09-15 Klik & Lees het verhaal achter de deur
2014-09-15 Forst live erweitert Programm (.de)
2014-09-15 Bamboo is critical resource for Ghana's housing industry
2014-09-15 Smart panel choice for Wikihouse
2014-09-15 Destacado arquitecto japones participa en primer encuentro de ARAUCO Soluciones Sostenibles
2014-09-15 Ein Jahr FertighausWelt Wuppertal (.de)
2014-09-14 Fachtagung des HKZR im Holzforum des Seebadgebaeudes auf der LAGA (.de)
2014-09-12 Van bos en hout: Verrassende vertellingen
2014-09-12 Monowalker revolutionises hiking
2014-09-11 PEFC.be: Nouveau site - Vernieuwde website
2014-09-11 Prince Charles calls for greater commitment to protect world's forests
2014-09-11 Forest companies investing in Northern Europe
2014-09-10 Klik & Lees hier "Storm over De Beitel" en andere verhalen uit de houtsector
2014-09-10 Preliminary Report ORGATEC 2014: Global industry forum (.de)
2014-09-10 Bem estar do Trabalhador (.br)
2014-09-10 Domtar celebrates sale of five million tons of FSC certified paper
2014-09-10 10 Jahre Center for Development and Cooperation
2014-09-10 Eerste Quick-Step Master Installers
2014-09-10 Inauguration of Stora Enso's joint operation pulp mill in Uruguay
2014-09-10 Forest Stewardship Council celebrates 20th Anniversary
2014-09-08 Montecuccoli: Waldbesitzer leben oekosoziale Grundsaetze (.at)
2014-09-08 First Accoya clad home stands the test of time
2014-09-08 Siempelkamp auf der Lesdrevmash 2014
2014-09-08 Klik & Lees hier verhalen uit de bos- en houtsector
2014-09-07 Insect infestations halved with adoption of international standard
2014-09-07 Global wood pellet demand to reach 50 million tonnes by 2024
2014-09-07 ORGATEC 2014: "Buero & Umwelt"
2014-09-07 Chinese views of African forests
2014-09-05 Klik & Lees hier "Storm over De Beitel" en andere verhalen uit de houtsector
2014-09-05 Internationale "Tage des Passivhauses"
2014-09-05 Herziene versie FSC-handleiding EU-Houtverordening (.nl)
2014-09-05 Tag der Musterhaeuser: Traumhaeuser live erleben (.de)
2014-09-05 Call for redoubled effort to protect last great forest wilderness sites
2014-09-05 Different evolution of wood fiber costs (.us)
2014-09-02 Wood Action Days (.eu)
2014-09-02 Fyra kammartorkar till den japanska hustillverkaren Misawa
2014-09-02 Pure reflects the very top of international home decor style
2014-09-02 Waldreservate sind Wichtig fuer die Biodiversitaet (.ch)
2014-09-01 Klik & Lees hier nu "Storm over De Beitel"
2014-09-01 Mehr Holzbau fuehrt zu mehr Bioenergie (.at)
2014-09-01 Semana de la Madera con positivos resultados (.cl)
2014-09-01 Furnier im Moebelbau (.de)
2014-09-01 Envases y embalajes, ajenos a la construccion (.es)
2014-09-01 From a dark home to a daylight-flooded heaven
2014-09-01 Von CKD-Verpackungen bis Sondereinbauten (.de)
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