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March 2015
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Upcoming events:
  • China: CIFM/Interzum
    (Mar 28 until Apr 1)
  • Russia: Domotex
    (Apr 1 until Apr 3)
  • Germany: Forst Live
    (Apr 10 until Apr 12)
  • Kenya: Buildint
    (Apr 11 until Apr 13)
  • France: SADECC
    (Apr 10 until Apr 13)
  • Dubai, UAE: Outdoor Design and Build
    (Apr 13 until Apr 15)
  • Germany: Biobased Materials
    (Apr 13 until Apr 15)
  • Ecuador: Madexpo
    (Apr 15 until Apr 18)

A nation that destroys its soils destroys itself. Forests are the lungs of our land, purifying the air and giving fresh strength to our people
Franklin D. Roosevelt -

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GOFORWOOD.INFO, the international domain and portal to the forestal, woodworking and related trades, will be for sale soon
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- Advertisers may be found among the suppliers to the woodworking industries: forest equipment; woodworking machinery and tools; glues, lacquers and chemicals; timber and wood products; accessories; anything else compatible with wood...

The timber supply chain - LA FILIERE BOIS - De Houtkolom - DIE HOLZKETTE - La cadena forestal y madera - LA FILIERA FORESTA-LEGNO - A fileira da madeira

GOFORWOOD.INFO, featuring The International Green Gazette : the global link between people and companies with an affinity to forests and wood

goforwood.info gathers, links and publishes worldwide inside information from the extensive forestry and wood industry sectors, illustrated by the actors themselves with applications of wood products in the real world. goforwood.info brings news and information to your personal desk. Although logo-links and advertising are welcome, goforwood.info is not a buying and selling e-marketplace.

is an international wood information portal for farmers and foresters, manufacturers and consumers, designers and architects, engineers and technicians, packers and printers, builders and carpenters, joiners and woodworkers, professionals and handymen, authority figures and civilians, teachers and students and many more and last but not least : for all the people caring for the environment and sustainable development.

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Recent offers for agents & importers:

Round wood and sawn timber
from Latvia (26.03.2015)

Plywood products,
formwork panels, film faced boards from China (03.03.2015)

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The International Green Gazette

Parkett bereitet dem Schauspiel die perfekte Buehne (2015-03-26)

Parkett gilt nicht nur im Wohnraum als beliebter Bodenbelag, sondern es wird auch in Räumen geschätzt, in denen musiziert oder geschauspielert wird. Ersteres liegt darin begründet, dass Holz Schallwellen absorbiert und dadurch den Nachhall reduziert. Im Ergebnis klingt die Musik wesentlich transparenter als mit anderen Bodenbelägen. Eine ebenso herausragende Rolle spielt Parkett in großen Oper- und Theatersälen.

Die Landhausdielen sorgen mit ihrer geschroppten Oberfläche für Lebendigkeit. Foto: vdp/HARO

Mehr als 1 Million Hektar FSC-Wald in Deutschland (2015-03-25)

Erstmalig sind über 1 Million Hektar Wald in Deutschland nach den strengen Umweltstandards des FSC zertifiziert. Dies zeigt deutlich: Der Trend zu mehr kontrollierter Nachhaltigkeit hält auch in der Forstwirtschaft an.

Resolute Stands with Northern Communities in Their Call for Government Working Group on FSC (.ca) (2015-03-25)

Resolute Forest Products Inc. announced its strong endorsement of the Alliance forêt boréale call for a working group to address recent issues regarding some Forest Stewardship Council® (FSC®) certificates in the Province of Quebec.

Massivholz: Behaglichkeit in Kueche und Bad (2015-03-25)

Holz ist seit jeher ein gern gesehenes Material in der Wohn- und Arbeitswelt. Immer öfter sorgt es auch in Räumen für Furore, die man vorher eher weniger mit dem nachhaltigen Naturmaterial in Verbindung gebracht hätte: In Küche und Bad spielt das attraktive Material seine Qualitäten voll aus.

Forestry and wood-based energy highlights at LIGNA 2015 (2015-03-25)

This year’s LIGNA will be staged from 11 to 15 May in Hannover, Germany. LIGNA is the world’s premier trade show for providers of plant and machinery for primary and secondary wood processing and woodworking. It has a unique format in that it spans the entire wood value chain, from forestry and forestry technology, right through to wood processing, woodworking and wood bioenergy. Another standout feature is LIGNA’s high level of international participation, with more than 50 percent of the exhibitor pool coming from beyond Germany.